Thursday, September 4, 2008

Things to do Today on this dreary rainy day

It's just after 11 and I've still so much to do today.

Fold and put away the load of kids clothes (that I washed 2 days ago).
Fold and put away hubby's load of clothes so that he doesn't nag me about having to do it himself.
Make the internet work for me and make some $$ before I have to go out and get a real job.
Empty the dishwasher
Start loading the dishwasher with the breakfast dishes
Think about what's for dinner tonight for me and the kids.
Start a grocery list for tomorrow(or saturday or sunday, whenever I get to doing that).
Put away the load of my laundry that I washed the other day.

Hmmmmm.....I won't even mention the stuff that I have no intentions of doing other cleaning. Just not going to do it.