Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Fine Summer Day

Wednesday's play date has been pushed to Thursday. I certainly didn't mind, when I woke up I was going to have to rush around getting myself and kids ready to go, now I don't have to. Tomorrow will be a much better day for a play date.

The next batch of kids is going to Wisconsin with the grands. They're headed out early in the morning, so I'll be up and raring to go out to play by 10:a.m. Today, not so much. We're creeping up on 10, and I've done nothing, and while I have some chore time with the kids in mind for sometime later in the day, I am looking forward to continuing the doing nothing for a couple more hours.

The jig is up.

Her Royal Highness is fighting with The Middle Child, Her Highness throwing a fit and being perfectly unreasonable. The Scholar was trying to mediate. And it's quiet again...we'll see if I can make it through this whole movie I just started before I need to go shower and make something of the day.

I've now wasted 20 minutes of movie time handing out some new directions, shuffling people around. I feel like a giant wooden spoon stirring the pot of children around the house for an optimal day. I had to move The Scholar from the computer and into the shower (if she's in the shower, mine will wait until she's done). The Scholar prepared the computer for Her Royal Highness, which gets her away from The Middle Child, one of her biggest adversaries. The Boy has been quiet and so has The PreTeen.

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