Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Birthday my wee one

She is officially a 6 year old. She'll go to first grade in the fall. She's growing so fast. I woke her this morning with a 'Good Morning, six-year old'. She said to me, 'I was just going to ask you if I was 6 yet'.

Much to my surprise Her Royal Moodiness was in a fabulous mood all day. If only it could be her birthday every day. She had her 'birthday celebration' with her (paternal) grandparents. They take each of the kids out for a special outing for their birthdays.

The inlaws took her to see the new Disney flick Wall-E. She loved it, and the grandparents seemed to enjoy it. They did mention that there was like 25 minutes of previews/commercials that they didn't particularly appreciate. The little one did get a free 'watch', one of those rubber bracelets with a watch built in, the equivalent of a Happy Meal toy.

After the movie they went out for dinner and then ice cream. They also stopped at Walmart for a little photo album, which grandma will cover with fabric that she picked out at the fabric store and fill with birthday celebration photos. All of the kids have these books, some of them are on their second books. The little one only has 3 pages left in her first book, so she was in need of a new one.

When she got home, she was dying to open her present from the family. She was ecstatic to open a Melissa and Doug standing art easel. I put it together and she drew her first picture on it. She's an 'artist' as she'll tell you. She loves to draw...all the time. Lately she draws mostly people.

I feel satisfied that she had a happy birthday. Tucking her in bed, 'good night, birthday girl'. She says to me, 'can you call me that in two days, too?' We're having a party for her in two days, so she'll get two 'birthday girl' days.

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